Seasons System–Final

For our final project, we have created an interactive system depicting the four seasons. In our system, four 3D printed models representative of each season, are illuminated when triggered by touching a visual depiction of the corresponding season. When this triggering occurs, a sound file from that season plays until the circuit is broken when you lift your hand from the visual depiction trigger.

My role in the project was that of the 3D modeller. I was responsible for making 3D models of each of the seasons and then 3D printing them outside of class. I also served as our coordinating leader, giving my members of the group various tasks to complete in order to ensure that our project was completed in a timely manner and to the best of its potential.

Below are some of the steps from the development process that lead to our project’s ultimate completion.


The Finished Product


One of the connected Makey Makey Boards


The Main Makey Makey Board


One of the connected Makey Makey Boards


Working on modeling


IMG_0401IMG_0398IMG_0397IMG_0396IMG_0393IMG_0392IMG_2553 Development

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